Monday, October 20, 2003

Woo Hoo! My first entry. I am just going to wing it. I've been tossing around about a dozen different reasons/purposes for a blog and I haven't gotten anywhere. Jumping in head first will get me somewhere.

I've only read a handful of blogs. I like the stream of consciousness writing style.

Can I write in a public domain like this and not feel totally intimidated and self conscious? In all reality there are no bosses or creative writing teachers reading this blog, and even if they are, they have no authority over me or my writing. So, that should leave me pretty free to write.

I do look forward to a reciprocal community evolving.

I have a huge learning curve. I don't know anything about blogging yet. So, this will be an elementary excursion all the way.

Do I do my bio thing here? Nanh. I think I'll wait.
Suffice it to say-I am in Baltimore, Maryland. I am married although I don't think I'll ever get comfortable referring to my other half as my husband. It still feels all goofy and 50's sounding or something. I have two kids. I want to be a writer when I grow up. No- scratch that. I AM A WRITER. I am still playing with directions for my writing. Mostly because I have a small being who perpetually interupts my attempts at writing.
I am not whining, just stating facts.

Okey Dokey. I'm going to let this be my first post and see what develops from here....