Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I'm quickly learning that this organizing thing is both simple and maniacal. I have had to become mildly obsessed in order to continue making order while living in the order I'm trying to make....
In other words, you better be really dedicated to this organizing thing, especially IF you have a three year old who finds everything you're trying to sort and put away incredibly fascinating. It's also really difficult when your entire family of four are in differing stages of reforming slobdom. Some not really reforming at all.
I have decided this is the winter where things find their places. For a variety of reasons that are practical and particularly because I'm sick of the chaos.
I have a long list of creative projects I want to undertake and complete. I genuinely feel that a framework of order will help the tackling of the creative list enormously.
I will never be totally tidy but if my creative life gets a little frothy (and I hope it does) than having the framework will keep regular life from getting out of control.
I love my new kitchen ( I swear I'll post some photos) and I think its perkiness is trying to spread to the rest of the house. AND I'm realizing I actually enjoy my home. Many, many of the places I've lived in, I did not enjoy at all and all I wanted to do was go play to be away from them. I want to entertain in this home and spread good cheer. SO much easier when there is a framework of order.
I want to post in this blog regularly and not feeling like there are twenty other things that require my attention more, will make it much less of a struggle. Look! I've posted two days in a row almost.
I will talk more about my creative projects as they get underway. Some are just for my own pleasure, some involve community building. Some are visual, some are literary. Its all good.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I Ihave confirmed once and for all that I am very mood sensitive to color. I can feel my spirits brighten when I have happy colors near me and I get subdued around low key shades. My living room and kitchen/dining room have been blue for the past two months or so and in combination with the short grey days it was bringing me down.

SO! I am in the process of re-painting the living room a yellow hued lime green and the difference in my mood in that room is dramatic. Makes me happy. Makes my spirit lighter. Even makes the grey days seem not so grey.