Thursday, July 26, 2007

ok typing one handed or I can't type at all.

Adjusting to having Uly and squirming into a routine or a groove of some kind. I'm glad its summer and there are no absolute demands on my time except occupying Sophie and maybe keeping my little poetry beast tame...

I've been working hard to just be in the moment and not get crazy with demands on myself like"is Sophie having an exciting enough summer, and when will I ever have a clean house and why isn't all my poetry stuff organized yet and shouldn't I have gotten into a 1000 words a day habit by now, and why is this blog always so damned neglected..... and on and on and on.

For some reason an interview I read with Erma Bombeck has always stuck with me. I'm pretty sure she was fighting cancer at the time of the interview and when she was asked if she had any regrets she immediately answered that she wished she had not worried about the laundry and spent more time with her kids that grew astonishingly fast.

I always looked to her as a kind of writerly role model so those words hit a mark. So when I start getting crazy for no real reason other than my to do list, I remind myself of that quote and it helps me.

I do feel like summer is zipping by. I always swear i'll spend the summer daytripping and doing fun little projects and it usually becomes jaunts to the park and an occasional jaunt to a friends' pool club. We did still plant some veggies and Soph gets really excited when something is ready to pick.