Sunday, April 23, 2006

finally pics of the Aries Party

Back on April 15th I had an Aries Party with my friend Rita at the Library of Progress. Here are some photos

I had a great time! The band Quazar and Reunion of A Nonexistant Band were outstanding...danced a lot.

Friday, April 21, 2006

busy busy and fun

Its rawther busy here at Chateau Sp8cemunky. I'm juggling projects and spinning multiple plates but its all good. I don't have time to wallow in boredom.
And the weather this past week had been just sumptuous and sensual and gorgeous. I was wondering if I would take glorious weather for grantted if I had it all the time? It really is the different extremes of conditions that make the mild ones so sweet. And I know I would miss an occasional snow storm. It still gives me the feeling of an illicit vacation..remnants of a snow day in a school year experience undoubtedly.

I have a number of things to anticipate -both brand new experiences and some ongoing processes. The sponsored reading events have been going really well. The ones at Minas have a consistently strong audience and open mic crowd. Its delightful each time the seats fill up. I also feel good about the little extra exposure to so much talent. It's always good for your own artistry to see what other people are doing.

The thursday evenings at the Library of Progress are pleasantly unpredictable. There seems to be a core crowd of regulars developing and the open mic never fails to be entertaining. Last week a guy calling himslef the Bowlegged Gorilla played slide guitar accompanied by his own beat boxing. He played his own pieces that were really unique and a lot of fun. Another night a jam band was going along, a mismash of all the musicicans there that night and next thing know one of them is playing didgeridoo...I didn't even know until then there was a didgeridoo in the buiding.

So scheduling poets and performers for those venues takes a little time. I am also undertaking some new promotion ideas.

Then on a different topic altogether, I'm getting to do some traveling! Woo hoo. In May I'm going up to New York to be in the audience for the Baltimore poets who are going to be reading at the The Poetry Bowery-Barbara DeCesare, Chris Toll and Reggie Harris...and that night I'm going to see a band I love..Ghostland Observatory. I can't wait! Then after I save a few more pennies, in July I'm going to ENGLAND! Finally I get off the continent. yes. I'm going to visit a friend I've known for ages online. His children and mine are nearly the same ages so evreyone will have something to look forward to. Long conversations into the wee hours -here we come!

Next weekend is the ritual jaunt to the people watching mecca of the area-The Spoutwood Farm Fairy Festival. Just love that event. And then on June 3rd we have our Spoutwood Farm inspired festival at the nature center-the Wild Wings, Fairies & Things Festival. Its going to be a blast.

The following weekend will be my Words In The Woods poetry picnic in the meadow at Leakin Park...just a casual performance with poets and musicians with a picnic ambiance.

Plus the Anthology submissions are coming in steadily. excellent!

There's a long to do list sitting in my notebook but its been punctuated by fun stuff.

Monday, April 10, 2006

same old argument?

I thought I would share my response to a conversation on another board ( The original poster was complaining that he didn't want to spend $25 to see I'm paraphrasing "just another poetry show with the same peformers as the last time". He's referring to the 2nd! poetry production at Center Stage on May 6th. ***************
I'd just like to say that I find the "Lyrical Soul" people and performers utterly inspiring.
So much so that after seeing their performances and feeling their commitment, it gave me the boost to go forward with projects I wanted to undertake.
I agree strongly with "a real supporter" these talented folks aren't going to be around doing the $5 venues for a lot longer. And they shouldn't have to. They've been paying their dues for years now.
I couldn't be happier that financial support has come their way and make these productions possible. To me its a very big deal that poets are performing regularly now at a "swanky" venue like Center Stage.
Do you know what it says about their professionalism, that they are able to continue producing shows like this?
I wish more people understood the big picture. Could see that events like these give poetry, and arts in general, economic clout? Do you know how important that is? When government officials and mega corporations look for where they want to spend their money, they are going to look to places and projects that will bring them a return on their investment. If Center Stage can consistently fill ALL their seats with the same set of performers, those performers, the production crew, the people behind getting the show off the ground, will reap the rewards.BUT the part thats overlooked is that the people with money will then look for other similar projects to invest in and hope to get the same success.
Where do you want to see money spent? On bigger sports stadiums? Luxury housing? More shopping malls?
No you want a fairer distribution. Artistic pioneers are a great investment. The government and the corporations only see dollars. Which means that if we want our artists to drive our economy, than we have to support them. We have to support them with our dollars first. We have to sit in the seats, and buy the discs or the artwork and show the world at large that we value their craft.
No one said it was easy or fair or just. But the bottom line is if we want to see a change in what gets valued, we have to bring that change.
If you don't want to see the same performers over and over, buy a ticket for a friend. Or buy one and give it to a neighbor. Or buy one and auction at your local church or other favorite charity. Be creative.
Or take an hour of your day to pass out flyers with your personal recommendation. Or ask if you can volunteer to help the production in some way.
If you value your performers, especially local performers of such high caliber, you will find ways to support them. Particularly if you want their success to trickle down to the community at large.
I'm off my soap box now and I hope I make sense and not make any one angry.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

There is a complete whirlwind of thoughts in my little head. I'd really like to be either more efficient with my time or learn to sleep less. It would probably be easier to sleep less.
Having a munchkin ,with very few playmates, makes it difficult to plan days like an adult.

I really want to talk about how beautiful the fresh colors are, especially in a soaking rain day like today. Through my uncurtained three front windows I have a gorgeous mix of red, green and sort of yellow leaves. And all the tree trunks are nearly black because they are so wet. So there are black tracings all over, every where that branches spread.

And lately we've had a few of those essential blue skies. Where there's no cloud to be seen and the blue is so crisp it looks like you could just touch it.

The air is still chilled but the sun feels great. It just gets soaked up by your pores.

I just dig spring! I just love its feeling of possibility and birth and refreshment. The long days are the one thing I miss so completely in the colder months. I almost always get more done in the summer. Heat doesn't usually impede me. And I tend to be outdoors so much more.

So, I'm concentrating on the idea that its spring because otherwise I'll be overwhlemed by all the plans in my head.

I'm consistently wondering about the different values between online networking and face to face or local networking. If you'retrying to get the most for your time , which gives the most bang for your buck? Or is the question more like which has instant gratification and which has long term value.

I feel lately that connecting with like minded people is more important than ever. Our governemnt is makeing every effort to keep us seperated and afraid as a society. So its so imperative to value community now.

My big questions always seems to revolve around how to network to barter. To strengthen productions and events. Artistic people are generally poor in cash but rich in ideas. Why can't those ideas become an economy, a money? How can you link up with sponsors and governments and not find yourself catering to their opinions becasue of their money?

We're so mired in our day to day lives that it is difficult to look outside and try to join forces with others. There's got to be a way.

In addition to being cash poor its also difficult to carry out creative ideas and be a parent. Not impossible, but further challenging.

So if anyone reads this, I'd love to start a dialogue about ways to mesh resources.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

April IS Poetry Month! check these out

Enigmatology at the Library of Progress
( formerly Night )
Thursday April 6th 8pm
The Library of Progress 1401 Light Street

Barbara DeCesare and Joe Fanzone > Beauty and the Beast

OPEN MIC -Poetry or music

Donations encouraged

More info julie@poetryinbaltimore.com443-418-4762
2ND Sunday Reading Series: AD-LIB & DAVID FRANKS
Sunday, April 9 / 4:00 pm / Admission: $3.00
Ad-lib (a.k.a. Marvin Dobson) is a Baltimore poet who has performing for ten years. He has self-published two books, Liquid Thoughts of Ad-lib and I am proper English. He hosts State of the Art a monthly show at Notre Maison. He has won numerous prizes, including “Best Host” from Poetry For The People. He also tours occasionally with the "5thL".

David Franks makes poems on the page, composes poems with music & text,
has written music sung by Aleta Greene, Emy Lou Harris, Richie Havens
His poetry appears in "American Poets Say Goodbye to the Twentieth
Century" & "Exquisite Corpse Anthology" edited by Andrei Codrescu
(Black Sparrow)
His music is available on CD as "Musical Words" (Pyramid Atlantic) &
most recently on WYPR's "Signal" produced by Aaron Henkin.
His Poetries for the page & Musical Poetries have been recently re-mixed for NPR by
Birdhouse Recording, his "Sunday Morning Bells!" a Communion lullably
for hand bell choir has been performed at St. John's Church in Ellicott
City, recorded by Paul Bensel, Columbia Recordings, a visual musical
piece, "f,r,o,z,e,n,t,e,a,r,s" has just been mastered at sonascope by Joe Wall & his most current works (the ones he will present for the first time April 9th)are from a collaborative book that will be available soon with the writer & artist Betsy Boyd.. Julie Fisher, founder of, hosts. An open reading follows. *************************************************

Monday, April 03, 2006

got poems?! Anthology Call For Submissions

Deadline JUNE 1st

Submit to julie©
In the body of the email/ no attachments

*3-5 poems no longer than 5 typed pages

*MUST be a MEMBER of
( registration is free, only takes a moment and you DO NOT need to live in Baltimore)

More info contact julie©