Wednesday, May 17, 2006

so much

thinking, doing, goal setting.

Quality of life is always a priority. Juggling many tasks seems to most often be the reality.

Have been giving myself the space to not write for some time to get my physical space more efficient. Life gets in the way of that goal too. In fun ways. New York trip. Soon to go to England.
Now I'm enjoying the yearning to write=-envisioning pages and pages poolside.

Constant curiosity about what draws people to events? Is there a thread? Is the thread one I wish to pursue? I think people are drawn more to an ambiance than anytihng. Thinknig of ways to create ambiance.

Learning how good Yoga is for me. Learning what a funny beast is discipline.

Decided Octupus Dreams will be the name of the Anthology :)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

JaHipster May 11

Enigmatology at the Library of Progress
( formerly Night )

Thursday May 11 8:30 pm
The Library of Progress 1401 Light Street

Featuring JaHipster

OPEN MIC -Poetry or music

Donations encouraged

More info