Tuesday, August 22, 2006

the new year?

I am simply in denial that school starts next week. I'm not ready. There's part of me that looks forward to the dreary days and cold weather because then I don't feel the pressure to be outside enjoying the great weather and beautiful, fantastic long sun filled days. Although I love the new beginning feeling of fall that is entrenched in my being from so many years of public school, I still don't look forward to shorter days. I miss the sense of endless days and warm nights almost immediately.

There is always this resolution in me that we're not going to sit home in summer. That we'll take all the put off day trips and we'll go to museums and traipse thru state parks and we'll finally find a place to go horse back riding.

But then the end of August sneaks up on me and we've mostly hung around our neighborhood and its too late for all the day trips.

This year we went to England! I truly accomplished one resolution and got off the North American continent for the first time. I have a better sense of what foreign travel entails and I know I want to do it again.

I also had a daydream that I was going to lounge at my friends' pool club and write a few chapters of my novel. didn't even pick up a pencil, nor did we spend that much time at their pool.

I DID get a poetry anthology organized and to the printer this summer. It's not a novel but it is something I feel good about accomplishing. It will be really satisfying if people buy and enjoy the book. Because that is why you produce a book, to share it. To have other people share the delightful tactile sensations of turning the pages.

I had lists and lists of what I wantedf to accomplish around the house. The major organizing campaign I keep threatening to wage was usurped. We thankfully got Carnm's folks to sell their house and move into a nearby condo. It was HUGE job getting them motivated and packed but it is such a joy not to drive that endless drive to Shrewsbury. We also accumulated a bunch of their stuff. SOooooo my organizing campaign got kicked high on the priority list.

I have been making some strides in day to day maintenance. I hate doing it but I like a relatively not-filthy house.

I'm also tickled with the occasional glimpses into my novel. Its just a framework right now but the characters are begining to grow flesh and plump blood thru their veins. I like that. When the weather is dark and dreary and its nighttime right away, I plan to curl up in that world and describe it to you.

I want to put more effort into the cyber worlds too. I am going to learn more about the mechanics of blogs and try to get a better habit formed. I want to interact with other bloggers more.

I defiitely want to extend the reach of www.poetryinbaltimore.com but its not going to be easy until I get a webmaster. A little more time needs to be spent resolving that issue. I have a lot of event planning and shmoozing and PR to do for Octopus Dreams as well. I want it to be a good thing.

I want to design a better garden and more attractive landscaping in front of my house. I want to spend more time in creative projects like embroidery and beading and painting and making art dolls. I want Sophie to spend more time making fun stuff too.

There are so many layers to living and I want to try to live those layers consciously. By making specific choices that enrich me and my family and friends. I don't want to pursue empty tasks that don't feed my soul. I want to be one of those people who seem so cool that you just want to get to know them. I want to share more. I want to yell less. I want the arc of my life to travel meshed within my creative work and caring for the people I love. I don't know what else makes life worthwhile.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


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It's coming! Octopus Dreams-Poetry In Baltimore Anthology. Only 250 copies. Would you like to pre- purchase? Visit www.poetryinbaltimore.com or email me: julie@poetryinbaltimore.com

Hey Everybody!

I’ve been busy the last few weeks and now we have “Octopus Dreams- Poetry In Baltimore Anthology One” to show for it! I am so excited to bring this volume to you. It will be ready in late September. ONLY 250 copies printed so if you want to pre-purchase you can do so at www.poetryinbaltimore.com or email me: julie@poetryinbaltimore.com

I have a fantastic editing committee: Dan Cuddy, Leslie F. Miller, Men Maa Aim Ra, Tanefa Wallace and Eric Whitehair. I simply could not have done it without them.
I also want to thank Alan C. Reese at Abcedarian Books for taking this project on at the last second and holding my hand through all of the steps. Justin Sirois for the awesome cover design and artwork. The many artists who submitted work and of course all the poets. Who knew that putting a book together was so much hard work?

I had been daydreaming about this project for months and months. I’d talk about it, whine about it, get all wistful about it and finally with a LOT of support, I shut up and did something. Without Carm Matricciani, Meilena Hauslendale for getting me off my duff and making the Poetry In Baltimore website a reality, Charly Postma, Sophia Matricciani, Eric Ankers, Chip Irvine, Big Carm & Dorothy, Corinne Parks, Niki Matricciani, Gilbert Fisher, Virginia Fisher, Rita Stein, Karla Mancero, Brian Langston, Joe Crespo, Tom Swiss, Steve Yorkman, Mic Life, Bleek, and Daniel Stuelpnagel this project would just not have happened.

Minas and Peggy held the first poetry reading I ever attended at the old store in Fells Point and happily offered the Hampden store for hosting one of my first ever poetry readings. Minas has offered many insights and Peggy ALWAYS gets the press out.
All of the poets and audience members who have come to Enigmatoloy (no longer running) or 52 Fridays or 2nd Sundays or any of the many special events….These poets have made lasting impressions on me, they have been some of the first poets I saw doing what they do best and encouraged me to keep on …David Franks, Olu Butterfly, Ad Lib, 5th L, Linda Joy Burke, Barbara DeCesare, Alice Hellawell, JaHipster, Moira Egan, Gary Blankenburg, Rupert Wondolowski, Mark “Wireman” Coburn, Dan Cuddy, Leslie F. Miller….. I know I’m forgetting someone.

We’re planning some release events and hope to have “Octopus Dreams” available at the Book Festival. Remember-only 250 copies are being printed.


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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Octopus Dreams and poetry readings

Brief Random Email here…… it’s summer and I am trying to soak up every last moment of it. But! Big news is that “Octopus Dreams”, the PoetryInBaltimore.com Anthology will be available really soon! Over 70 pages of original poetry and art works. I am totally delighted with this volume and can’t wait to share it with everyone! In the meantime there will be the opportunity to pre-purchase your copy. In the next day or so, you will find a pre-purchase button on the front page at www.poetryinbaltimore.com There will only be 250 copies.
Friday August 11th
Load Of Fun Gallery -120 W. North Avenue

Featured poet- Men Maa Aim Ra (pronounced Men Ma-aw A-ing Raw) was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. His name means: "One who is awakened by the light of reason and faithfully, steadfastly implements Divine Law at the crossroads." Men Maa Aim Ra's writing attempts to fill a void with a spirit and a message that are firmly supported by the strength of the universal consciousness. To this end, Men Maa Aim Ra has committed
himself to using his faculty of receptivity to translate, transform, and transmit new ideas through the medium of poetry and the spoken word.

Open mic

For more info julie@poetryinbaltimore.com or 443-418-4762
2nd Sundays
Minas 815 W. 36th Street (Hampden)
$3 includes light refreshments

Feature poets followed by open mic
August 13

Marcus Colasurdo

A widely published writer who is the author of eight books. Marcus has performed his work all across thecountry, including at schools, homeless shelters and prisons. He was the featured reader at the National Healthcare for the Homeless Conference in Washington,D.C. in 2003. Currently, he divides his time between bartending in Hazleton, Pennsylvania and teaching
writing in Baltimore

Auset Marian Smothers

A widely published writer/poet, Auset has won three state arts grants awards in Delaware and Maryland. She was the first African-American female columnist at the Wilmington News Journal in Wilmington, Delaware. She has taught writing and performed her work at a
wide variety of venues, including public and private schools, prisons and colleges on radio and on t.v. She is the co-creator of the Shelter Project which brings artistic opportunities to women and children in homeless shelters.

Auset has published six books and released a CD of her
work entitled “On the Loose”.

more info: Julie Fisher