Thursday, July 20, 2006

need an intern or a secretary or something

I know myself well enough to realize I will always be a multi-tasker and I will always feel the best when busy. That said I think it would be very worthwhile for me to have a detail person following me around or at least calling me now and then to remind me important stuff.

I'm so absorbed in getting this first manuscript draft of the Poetry In Baltimore Anthology done that things are slipping through the cracks.

I don't forget to feed my daughter or anything that dramatic but I do find it difficult to keep a mental calendar or even a written calendar of what needs to be done when.

But guess what!! I get to spend 7 glorious days not worrying about any of it in Merry Old England! I'm going to finally meet my online friend of several years and his family. Its gonna be awesome!
I hope to do an astounding job of documenting my trip but I'll be happy if I remember to take pictures.

I am so glad I am finally getting to feed some of my wanderlust. I have been wanting to travel out of the US for a loooooong time. I also want to do the cross country thing but when Sophie is older. When it will be something she might remember.

I have written a handful or poems here and there. I'm getting occasional new insights and brainstroms for my novel. That makes me very happy. I was wondering if it was ever going to resuscitate. I've also begun working with an ew venue and tomorrow July 21st is a big shindig there- ALTsKape. Lots of details at
I'll try to remember to take pictures there as well.