Friday, March 16, 2007

Hell yeah for spring!

Well so much for the once a week discipline I said I was going to have. This beast of a pregnancy is just throwing my plans to the wind. Its very frustrating but I try to console myself with the fact I can get off the sofa and get out a bit. I'm not on bed rest and I could be.

Its also a challenge to my nature to pace myself. I only get two good hours of energy a day and that doesn't get much done. I have trouble entertaining myself in down hours because I still have an energetic 41/2 year old to entertain as well. She's been remarkably understanding of my lack of energy but it has made us gripey at each other.

SPRING! will just about alleviate that bickering because she can play outside and get some ya-yas out over the course of the day. She's been picking inside stuff to do like coloring and cutting paper and various paper experiments but these activities don't burn the fuel like running around outside.

AND by spring this growing person will be a real person that I can hold in my arms and care for and not a something sucking the juice outta me.

I've been trying to guess what life is going to be like once Lump is in the picture. But its nearly impossible to even guess. I have no idea what kind oftemperament it will have, colic-y or no, sleeper or no. Just don't have a clue. It would be convenient if it were an infant like my son was...he slept and ate until he started to toddle. It was great.
Life carried on relatively easily. Sophie on the other hand consumed every waking moment (did I sleep at all?) for the first four months of her life with crying. So I've experienced the two extremes...maybe Lump could be in the middle? That would be fine.

But despite my pregnancy complaints I'm still mostly on track with poetry happenings.. Just recently have confirmed an event with Center Stage which is pretty exciting. Details still coming. The PIB site has finally had its updates and I can start undertaking some of the ideas I've been waiting to implement. So thats all good.

I just totally look forward to the return of sunshine and warm weather. Especially on a day like this as sleet falls, and its so cloudy it may as well be night.

My house is warm, I've got plenty of food and everyone I love is healthy-so life is good.