Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I Did Walk The Neighborhood

and surprisingly made better time than i did ever! Like a twenty five minute mile. yeah. groovy.

So that was saturday. It was cold and grey-ish but i went anyway while Carm had Uly. So glad I did it.

Sunday I got a kind of power walk at walk looking for tennis shoes to buy for myself. About 20 minutes or so. some consistency.

Then monday got to mall and got probably 5 or 6 circuits in. At least a 1/2 hour of quick walk. And tuesday too!

SO much better when Uly is in stroller.

Today got nuthin..visit Soph at school day which I missed because Uly was fussy :(

Tomorrow will be back.

Feeling definite attitude improvement and better energy. MUST keep it up.

Why don't human beings hibernate the winter?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

still trying

Thursday I made it to the mall and walked for a half hour with Uly in the front carrier. A challenge. I felt like i couldn't get as fast a pace as i wanted. I didn't have much energy but I did it anyway because i need to make it a habit.

nuthin friday not even running up and down the steps 10 times in a row like i planned.

So last week I didn't get back to the mall but we built a snowperson on the one day of snow we had.

The next day we walked to the park but r e a ll y slowly.

About to try to walk the neighborhood.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

boring but important to me

I'm going to post my walking consistently efforts here so I feel like there is some accountability.
I won't beat myself up because its not me alone all day trying to walk but me and Uly who is not a quiet kid and Sophie.

Anyway-yesterday I bundled him up and got to the park and back...maybe a dozen blocks, a solid 10 minutes.

This morning I attempted the mall early after dropping Soph. Uly hates the stroller so it didn't really work. I got one complete circuit of the top floor and then he cried. Echoing crying baby ....
nursed and let him walk, tried again. No dice. So tomorrow will try with the carrier instead.

Need some new tennis shoes too.

Friday, January 04, 2008

some pics

I just can't seem to stick to this blog. I won' t give it up entirely. But geez SOME consistency would be nice.

Anyway here are some photos from fall.

I'll come back again soon. REALLY.

Its the little man Uly-he's a pimp.
My mom as a Warrior Princess and Soph as Sally.
A 2005 one of Me as Stimpy and a smaller Soph as fairy.