Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I Did Walk The Neighborhood

and surprisingly made better time than i did ever! Like a twenty five minute mile. yeah. groovy.

So that was saturday. It was cold and grey-ish but i went anyway while Carm had Uly. So glad I did it.

Sunday I got a kind of power walk at walk looking for tennis shoes to buy for myself. About 20 minutes or so. some consistency.

Then monday got to mall and got probably 5 or 6 circuits in. At least a 1/2 hour of quick walk. And tuesday too!

SO much better when Uly is in stroller.

Today got nuthin..visit Soph at school day which I missed because Uly was fussy :(

Tomorrow will be back.

Feeling definite attitude improvement and better energy. MUST keep it up.

Why don't human beings hibernate the winter?

1 comment:

dogfaceboy said...

Keep walking. Those baby blues can really get to you and make other health issues, too. Walking means more smiling!