Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I lost some days somewhere

I am glad to report that I am mostly in the habit of walking now. This weekend was a bit of a bust. I only got a mile-ish walk at 5 year old pace, with a stop at the park, but we needed the sunshine that had poured forth briefly after days of grimness.

Then friday at mall was a goofy walk because Uly was impish and fussy and didn't sleep the whole time but then I probably made up for what I lost by shlepping him all over the mall and then to trader Joe's and then back to the car with a full bag of groceries and then I did something else physical but damned if I know what it was.

I think thursday may have been a day where I walked without Uly but lost track of how many laps I walked. OR Soph had a snow day and I didn't walk at all.
I think that I walked monday and tues.

I find that I am less frustrated in the course of the day if I get out and about. I also remember that I like physical activity and have begun daydreaming about what else I can do.
I really want to add some yoga and strength training because everything but my belly is shrinking. I probably also need to start trimming my food intake since Uly will be weaning soonish. I read the other day you only need 500 more calories a day for breastfeeding. That may be scientifically true but if I don't eat like a horse when I nurse I would probably get to a point where I would start just randomly eating people who crossed my path.

Got major brainstorm fever lately. I hope I can carry them to fruition. I need to do significantly more research and buckle down and get soem words on paper and get some more human beings on board. But I do feel like they are feasible.

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