Saturday, April 08, 2006

There is a complete whirlwind of thoughts in my little head. I'd really like to be either more efficient with my time or learn to sleep less. It would probably be easier to sleep less.
Having a munchkin ,with very few playmates, makes it difficult to plan days like an adult.

I really want to talk about how beautiful the fresh colors are, especially in a soaking rain day like today. Through my uncurtained three front windows I have a gorgeous mix of red, green and sort of yellow leaves. And all the tree trunks are nearly black because they are so wet. So there are black tracings all over, every where that branches spread.

And lately we've had a few of those essential blue skies. Where there's no cloud to be seen and the blue is so crisp it looks like you could just touch it.

The air is still chilled but the sun feels great. It just gets soaked up by your pores.

I just dig spring! I just love its feeling of possibility and birth and refreshment. The long days are the one thing I miss so completely in the colder months. I almost always get more done in the summer. Heat doesn't usually impede me. And I tend to be outdoors so much more.

So, I'm concentrating on the idea that its spring because otherwise I'll be overwhlemed by all the plans in my head.

I'm consistently wondering about the different values between online networking and face to face or local networking. If you'retrying to get the most for your time , which gives the most bang for your buck? Or is the question more like which has instant gratification and which has long term value.

I feel lately that connecting with like minded people is more important than ever. Our governemnt is makeing every effort to keep us seperated and afraid as a society. So its so imperative to value community now.

My big questions always seems to revolve around how to network to barter. To strengthen productions and events. Artistic people are generally poor in cash but rich in ideas. Why can't those ideas become an economy, a money? How can you link up with sponsors and governments and not find yourself catering to their opinions becasue of their money?

We're so mired in our day to day lives that it is difficult to look outside and try to join forces with others. There's got to be a way.

In addition to being cash poor its also difficult to carry out creative ideas and be a parent. Not impossible, but further challenging.

So if anyone reads this, I'd love to start a dialogue about ways to mesh resources.

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