Friday, April 21, 2006

busy busy and fun

Its rawther busy here at Chateau Sp8cemunky. I'm juggling projects and spinning multiple plates but its all good. I don't have time to wallow in boredom.
And the weather this past week had been just sumptuous and sensual and gorgeous. I was wondering if I would take glorious weather for grantted if I had it all the time? It really is the different extremes of conditions that make the mild ones so sweet. And I know I would miss an occasional snow storm. It still gives me the feeling of an illicit vacation..remnants of a snow day in a school year experience undoubtedly.

I have a number of things to anticipate -both brand new experiences and some ongoing processes. The sponsored reading events have been going really well. The ones at Minas have a consistently strong audience and open mic crowd. Its delightful each time the seats fill up. I also feel good about the little extra exposure to so much talent. It's always good for your own artistry to see what other people are doing.

The thursday evenings at the Library of Progress are pleasantly unpredictable. There seems to be a core crowd of regulars developing and the open mic never fails to be entertaining. Last week a guy calling himslef the Bowlegged Gorilla played slide guitar accompanied by his own beat boxing. He played his own pieces that were really unique and a lot of fun. Another night a jam band was going along, a mismash of all the musicicans there that night and next thing know one of them is playing didgeridoo...I didn't even know until then there was a didgeridoo in the buiding.

So scheduling poets and performers for those venues takes a little time. I am also undertaking some new promotion ideas.

Then on a different topic altogether, I'm getting to do some traveling! Woo hoo. In May I'm going up to New York to be in the audience for the Baltimore poets who are going to be reading at the The Poetry Bowery-Barbara DeCesare, Chris Toll and Reggie Harris...and that night I'm going to see a band I love..Ghostland Observatory. I can't wait! Then after I save a few more pennies, in July I'm going to ENGLAND! Finally I get off the continent. yes. I'm going to visit a friend I've known for ages online. His children and mine are nearly the same ages so evreyone will have something to look forward to. Long conversations into the wee hours -here we come!

Next weekend is the ritual jaunt to the people watching mecca of the area-The Spoutwood Farm Fairy Festival. Just love that event. And then on June 3rd we have our Spoutwood Farm inspired festival at the nature center-the Wild Wings, Fairies & Things Festival. Its going to be a blast.

The following weekend will be my Words In The Woods poetry picnic in the meadow at Leakin Park...just a casual performance with poets and musicians with a picnic ambiance.

Plus the Anthology submissions are coming in steadily. excellent!

There's a long to do list sitting in my notebook but its been punctuated by fun stuff.

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