Friday, February 16, 2007

trying to stay in the saddle

I'm just typing stream of consciousness today. Trying to get into daily discipline of words written.

I'm reading Maxine Hong Kingston's "The Fifth Book of Peace". It is not written in a traditional format. It mixes memoir and fiction. It seeks to understand war and create peace. It makes me think.

I've been kinda slack with my Artist's Way work this week. I seem to go in cycles, good week, lazy week sort of thing. There have been winter weather school closings too, which make lethargy easy. Besides lethargy is good for growing a person. I mean how much physical and/or mental activity can you expend and still be knitting a little human being?

I am trying to schedule the majority of the poetry readings for 2007 now, so I don't have to worry about it so much in the spring. I'll just have to remember to do press. Shortly, I'll have to devise the schedule for the 2007 anthology and when to make a call for submissions. I also need to finish recruiting my editorial committee.

FINALLY, I'm getting the work done on the PIB website that I've been working towards. I can stop feeling thwarted and start moving forward with additions to the site. Things I've envisioned all along but just haven't gotten to materialize.

I'm getting distracted with my mental to do list. I'm going to go accomplish a few practical tasks. But at least I've posted something for this week.

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