Saturday, September 04, 2010

end of summer 2010

I ALWAYS feel so conflicted about the end of summer. I love the oncoming crispness and cool evenings, Halloween, but I dread the shorter days.

I'm trying to look at longer evenings as an invitation to curl inwards and write and read. I hope I give myself permission more often this year to do those things.

I also want to take steps to de-commercialize the holidays as much as possible. I like a tacky, overboard Christmas but I don't like the Wal-Mart version...can I have lots of hand made glitz and heartfelt gifts? Can I start family traditions that reflect a shared humanity and not what we can buy at the last second?

Many things spinning on the poetry/Gallery carousel. Trying to bring things to fruition, trying to gauge the merit and satisfaction levels of undertakings, imposing order on my surroundings, including the kids in the day to day chores, learning to cook in new ways.

The farm has a long list of to do's but beyond the wet basement problem, I;m trying to keep issues a labor of love, of want rather than just jobs to get done. Seems like we have a more successful corn harvest this year -yay!

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