Tuesday, December 30, 2003


Its been so wonderful to have an adult to talk to during the day. I love Sophie to pieces but complete sentences are fun too.

I felt a little conflicted about the holidays this year. I was really happy that we weren't rushing madly through malls and other crazed shoppers but I also didn't feel like it was Christmas. I felt better once the tree and decorations were up, because well, I love colorful, tacky glitzy decorations. We don't go overboard but I enjoy what we have so far. One day I would like to be one of those crazy people with astronomical electricity bills because they have a bazillion lights...

I was really pleased that the Spa Day was such a hit. Everyone enjoyed it so much they want to make it a monthly event. I guess massage will do that to a woman.We chose shiatsu massage and we were very pleased with it. Mike happily massaged 7 women and 1 guy right in a row.
I've never been to a hoity toity spa but I can say I enjoy it in the comfort and casual atmosphere of my home.

It was a difficult week before Christmas because Sophie got sick with one of the lesser flus. Eric did too but it hardly phased him. Soph was miserable all week. A relentless low grade fever and two nights of a high fever. Coughing, snottiness and not wanting to leave the sofa. I was her second skin. High fever nights were no fun. she didn't do anything, not even tell us "no". I was SO relieved when she started to get perky again.

Although it appears I'll have to get used to stepping away from Christmas shopping insanity, I enjoyed the lower key immensely. I think next year I may even try my hand at making some gifts. Our ornament making party seemed extra fun this year becasue we could relax and enjoy each others' company and not feel that we should be shopping.

I'm feeling so wierd about Soph growing up. She has weaned it appears. Which delights me becasue we're sleeping better but its her first real step away from me. Thats hard.

She is already behaving as a terrible two although she isn't yet. "No" is the prime part of her vocabulary and she's trying to do everything by herself. Cute but can be infuriating too.

I'm loving the time with Carm. He's had a big chunk of time off and I love having his company. We may not be inseparable on the sofa but we can hug and kiss when it strikes us and he can lend a hand w/Soph so I can finish a thought.

I had a fantasy about totally clutter freeing the house. That won't happen but we did get some things done.

and writing on any consistent basis is a fantasy too. Partly out of my own laziness and partly because of distractions.

I'm tired of feeling like I don't get anything pleasurable accomplished and I 'm tired of Eric's behaviour.
I keep deciding I am not going to spend so much time in the house and near tv and then the weather gets crappy. Its also challenging to find toddler friendly indoor things to do. Today is a perfect example-we have free time and can't think of anything to do. I hate that!

I have all these little to do's that just keep piling up. I need to burn some discs and mail them. I should send out some new years or something cards to a couple people. I need to get my to do's in one place and streamline them.

No New Year's Eve plan as of the moment but we usually don't go wild anyhow.

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