Thursday, November 08, 2007

my newest project,please participate

Peace and Poems

I invite everyone to send a poem to each of their political representatives as a direct plea for peace.
If you do, I will publish the poem.

You can find contact information for your representatives at
Please use the LOCAL OFFICE mailing address.

All I ask is that you send the poem with a Signature Confirmation Request from the US Postal Service. This ensures the poem is received by the designated representative. Then send me a copy of the poem and record of the Signature Confirmation.-You can send the paper receipt or the online version-the Signature Confirmations Request tracking number. There is a small charge for the Signature Confirmation but I think its worthwhile to use the service.

You can find information about Signature Confirmation at

IF you feel uncomfortable mailing your own work or know non-poets who would like to participate, simply find a poem that speaks to you and give credit to the poet who wrote it. Please make copies of any poems you send. I cannot be responsible for original versions and their return.

IF you mail different poems to each of your representatives, I will select one poem to publish.

It would be great if you could include a note that specifies the poem is sent because you are participating in "Peace and Poems". "Peace and Poems" is a plea to U.S political leaders to immediately work towards peace and NOT make decisions based on greed. This is a plea to bring US soldiers home from combat and it is a plea for legislations that embody peace-justice and sustenance for living things.

You can email your submission and confirmation to peace© or mail your submission and confirmation to

Peace and Poems
8130 Clyde Bank Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21234

If you have any questions please email peace© or
visit the blog

Please circulate this widely and encourage everyone you know to participate.

Thank You!
Julie Fisher

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