Friday, November 09, 2007

a true fall gloomy day

and I didn't lose my mind! I have had such a struggle with seasonal affective disorder that I dread days like today. However, I took it in stride and it was ok. Let's face it though, its the MULTIPLE days in a row of weather like today thats gets me down.

Knowledge is half the battle and that is why I'm on a mission to discover fun things to do when its cold outside, with children. Playing outside is always a great option except my hands and feet got cold and they won't warm up again until approximately June.

I had a little victory today. Instead of stuffing myself with instant food, like twenty bowls of cereal in a day, when I got hungry today I grabbed some chicken breasts and baked them in mayo, bread crumbs and parmesan cheese. Pretty easy and tasty. Of course Sophie was attending Uly for the process. It would have been another bowl of cereal if she hadn't been here.

And I just baked a whole chicken with onions and garlic for dinner and then to pick on. We are talking of getting a turkey for picking on as well as a turkey for Thanksgiving.

Today I received my copy of the 2nd anthology I have a poem published in-Manorborn. I am in the company of some good poets. I feel good about that. I'll try to find a link for it or at least a shot of the cover.
The other anthology I have two poems in is called Attic.

Tomorrow I am reading at a fundraiser for African wells. I don't have any new poems so it will be dull for the people who were there last time. Maybe I should dig through some of my old old work and see if I could tinker something into a quality piece.

I want to figure out how to list the books I'm reading. There is a gadget that does that on here I think. Partly I would like to share it with others and partly as a record for myself. Someone I used to know has kept a list of all the books and movies he consumed. What a great record to have. Other people have great collections of their concert experiences. I do not. Which is a shame because I have a terrible chronologic memory and that might be a tool to help me overcome it.

I think tomorrow I'm going to treat myself to a trip to BookThing. Free books! Its like Christmas.

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