Monday, February 09, 2009

does it ever make sense

Why do we have the utter illusion that if we just do this one thing, if just this undertaking or project gets done, then we will be better some how. We will feel more in control, more on top of things? Why do we insist on believing this fallacy? I mean, really, why?

Its so self defeating. IT will never all get done. NEVER. Something always comes to take the place of the thing that got done, that isn't done.

I beat myself senseless with this merry go round. I do sometimes get the satisfaction of seeing things get done, the joy of having a project come to fruition. Its particularly satisfying when its a creative project.

But house maintenance, laundry, dishes, all that stuff is eternal and never ever finished. I try so hard to be Zen about it and just try to be present and try to to do my best but ultimately I find it tedious and dull and unfullfilling.

Thats when I bust out and do a craft or something. Paint a wall that doesn't need painting.
Anyway, all that was to preface the fact that our Valentine's craft is done.

If i dig through my archives I can give credit to the original crafter who came up with the idea for the tree but I'm lazy right now. I promise i will find it.

The painting is one of my favorites...not sure who the artist is...its a mermaid and a man in a desperate embrace at waters edge.

I haven't been taking a photo every day and I have't been creative everyday but I am thinkng about it regularly. I have to figure out how to post the crafty/creative posts here to Creative Every Day blog.

I did make mini meat loaves again for dinner tonight. I will try to photograph them but I don't know how photogenic they are.

I went to accupuncture today after a long time. It was delightful.

Had a great readig at Mians' this past sunday. I read a couple pieces and got some compliments afterwards. That always feels good.

I want to take a good head shot of myslef for various reasons one of which is to show off my new hair.

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