Friday, February 13, 2009

time flies

I read somewhere that the sensation of time flying as we age is caused by the fact we don't record what we've done with our days. So the days have a tendency to blur together.

I like that idea. SO in addition to making this a creativity log (haha) I want to make it just a daily log.

Wish me luck!

Also really trying to change my food habits. more nuts fruits and veggies as staples rather than as snacks. I'm so trained to think a meal is meat, bread or pasta and a veggie. It can be soooooo many things.

Right now i'm eating an apple instead of a bowl of cereal. And i'm going to make brown paper bags of my own snack mix to carry with me always.

I'm one of those people who don't understand the concept of a schedule or routine but would most likely benefit from one or both.

This past tuesday night I went to Follow The Buffalo writing workshop at El Rancho Grande and was glad I did because it genuinely recharged MY interest in my story. Its been lying lonesome and untended for so long. Even if I never publish it, my psyche needs to finish it. I need that experience.

Uly was awfully cute just now playing the piano and singing his own material. Priceless.

Sophie was stressing this morning over her looming test of the day on simple machines. I hope the worry doesn't ruin her day. There are 6 simple machines. Do you know what they are?

The pics are my mom and Uly playing with the pigeons and gulls in Fells Point on tuesday.
They are phone pics, but you knew that.

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