Wednesday, February 25, 2009

late night

The kidlets are sleeping and I'm alone with my thoughts. I can think of other things I should do but this is good for ME. At least I think it is.

A little perplexed how to get more movement in my day so I'm not boxed into some kind of exercise routine I gag on. I danced briefly with Uly to a song he likes. I pushed him a half dozen times or more up and down outside..I tried to go fast enough to trot occasionally. That is not enough but a tiny bit is better than none at all?

I'm hampered currently by the weather and by the inconsistency of Carm's schedule. I could be firm about my schedule but its not my nature.

I'm thinking creatively and strategically about The Land of La. It has had the desired effect so far. I am visualizing it as a success for everyone involved.

I need to research if freelance writing is viable as a income stream. I am willing to invest my time and energy to that.

I really need to research more about raising fancy chickens.

I want another way to keep track of my days. This is partly helpful but I need more detail and I want it to be daily.

I have two ideas for Sophie's birthday presents but I don't know if I realistically have the time.
I gotta try to do at least one of them.

I want to spend a little time updating the links to my favorite blogs. I really do enjoy them. They are a bit of a time suck in one way but they are terribly inspiring in most ways. Just seeing and reading about all the other daily lives out there. People pursuing their dreams, raising their kids, trying to follow their bliss, taking chances, going against the grain. All that good stuff.

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