Monday, September 21, 2009

monday but feels later in the week

wow I love it when I feel like i do right now. Like things are possible, like I actually have a little sass, like I'm proud of myself that I continue to take little steps in this journey towards better health habits, like taking incremental but definitely positive steps in my parenting, feeling good about my daughters' school choice even if it is odd and totally non traditional, not feeling total dread about the impending fall winter season, being nervous but stoked about this whole farming adventure, giving my writing small chunks of time but consistent priority, feeling self confident enough to greet strangers and start conversations like used to, giving myself space and patience to learn how to be more tidy and organized, loving how Carm and I are working through money and time issues together and not just getting angry at one another, loving when the poetry events come together and feel like real community.

I couldn't point to a single prompt for all these changes and momentum. I know that reading The Omnivore's Dilemma started something. Then it was on to Animal Vegetable Miracle and the infomercial-ly Kevin Trudeau books. These books along with countless blogs and magazine articles confirmed for me that the food and health industries were precisely that-industries-and had little or no concern for the people using their "products". Its astounding what greed accomplishes without regard to others.

So I've been working really hard to take responsibility for what goes into my body and how I spend my money. Its even an effort to be the change you want to see. Its not necessarily easy. Especially when it comes to the kids or when you are unexpectedly running around. The junk is there waiting for you and your kids at every turn.

I've noticed how little tolerance I have for just how much junk is advertised as food and there seems to be no limitation to it. It seems immoral to me when its so heavily marketed to children. It also seems immoral when consumers get such half truths and mytholgy.

Anyway, this frustration and anger I'm channeling into the energy and willpower to change my habits. Marilu Henner books have been helpful too.
The book about the Iowan childhood during the Depression was very insightful too.

There is NO question that eating more plants and less out of a box is making a big difference to my physical health and my emotional health. I think the above list is a good indication. Usually I'm listing my laments.

Friday night was great! which I already mentioned. Saturday was a couple hours of crab feast and then on to the FlyIN at Essex Skypark which wasn't nearly as boring as I'm used to. I know partly is because I felt less frumpy and I sort of know a couple people. Uly was ecstatic with the planes and show cars. Soph had fun riding bikes.

It was a good farm say sunday. Pulled all the vegetable cages from the garden. Started cleaning out the red shed AND started cleanin out my big truck. Can't wait to drive that!

And its funnt I know that a big chunk of my returning sass and bette attitude is my hair cut. Its cut my frumpiness degree at least in half. At least in my self perception. Geez, I should've done it ages ago. But better late than never!

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