Wednesday, September 23, 2009

wednesday already

I realized today I had a lot less written than I thought I did.

I was always thinking that I should have a list of things that trigger writerly thoguhts...bats and pumpkins and starts were idea lifted from Neil Gaiman's blog. I love!! Neil Gaiman. He's fierce and smart and funny and sweet. Well, I don't really know him but he spreads magic and damn if that isn't an important and terribly lovely talent to have!!!!

I was crying for poor trees today that were ripped up at the Lowes building site across from our playground/park. I hate that this is the norm. Would it really be that much more expensive to save a couple tress in the grand landscape of a fucking parking lot?!!!

I need to understand why the Tiger mosquitos are evil in our neighborhood and if we can do anything about it.

Sophie made her first pillow today at school learning to sew!!

We had a brief celebration of the Equinox at the farm with Christophe and Karen. Uly was a bit too exuberant for the night to be really pleasant for me but the fire was nice ans so was the evening.

I need to write or find something I've written about BAltimore.

HAve TO DO Prufrock!!!!!!

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