Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I had all these great but swiftly passing thoughts while I did dishes and drove and when I got near the computer i would promptly forget them....

The one great thing about Sudbury is that our mornings are so much more relaxed. No more giant battles of will or crying plaintive wailing. Its GREAT!

Sophie was complaining this morning that she only wanted full days at school...Wednesdays are half days each week.

so got Soph to school, came home and took Sunny and Uly to see the big equipment down the road but it was a little cold.

Then breakfast for me and change of clothes for Uly and off to get a haircut with Barb. We were a little early so Uly walked Duncan arounf the block.

Off to the haircut. The hair lady has the funny little trilobite dog.

Then dropped off Barb and stopped by to say hi to Christy.

Picked Soph up.

Ran home and did paperwork for FOX Club.

Clipped some shrubbery out front.

Sent some First Day emails. Took some notes about my poetry goals.

did dishes, some laundry. Straightened dining room.

Took Soph to FOX Club. Wandered with Uly around park.

Came home and sorted stuff from dining room table, put books in shelf, shuffled papers on desk.

sent 3rd Friday Night PerVerse press emails

Scrubbed out water basin of vacuum. Hosed down brick path in yard.

ordered kabob carry out

Walked Sunny.

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