Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Cretive 2009 Day 1 officially

Trying to do a photo a day and/or something else creative each day. Today I combined them and took a photo of the new recipe I tried today. Its turkey and squash soup. I really enjoyed it!
Here's the link if you want to try it. A light but warming dish.

I think cooking is creative. I'm a messy cook so I don't always want to undertake a new recipe. Sometimes cleanup is more effort than the meal prep.

The camera seems to be working more consistently. Happy about that.

The rainy weather, is making me crazy, I think this is only second day in a row but feels like longer.

Yesterday's creative endeavor was notes for a poem. Today I edited a bit. It might be a keeper.

I also did a lot of emailing for PIB today..getting ready for "Who Do You Love?" Should probably post the flyer here...

need to begin a Flickr for just me, have one that's been absorbed by PIB.

Must get the clothes on to the porch tonight for Purple Heart. did it!

Christmas stuff may have to wait until tomorrow to be packed.

(crap can't upload my photo. Will try again later) yay it worked later!

Got a lot done at the farm yesterday when I grabbed stuff for Purple Heart. Still so much to do. If I work steadily two days a week I should be able to have a room for us if we wanna stay overnight. woo hoo.

oh! I'll find the site that triggered the Creative Day 2009 and link it here.

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