Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 6

hi! missed day 5 post because i had a Minas' poetry reading and then a migraine.

Today i haven't taken a pic for the day. wait! I just got one of our cat will post it tomorrow. no I'll just do it now.
but I did rearrange the living room so I'll take pics of that tomorrow.

Really! using my word for the year-effortlessness. It seems to help me just take the little steps I need to get things done rather than getting nothing done because I can't see beyond the big picture. I got a lot of poetry event stuff done today in 10 minute increments. Seems pointless at first but it really worked. woot!

It was refreshing to have Carm help me with the rearrange. Things got done more tidily.

Could write more but I'm tired. Need to chill a little.

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