Wednesday, January 14, 2009

uh what day is it?

Missed yesterday's post because Uly was still clingy and by the time I got free time my brain was crispy. When he was napping I worked like a maniac to clean after the rearrange of the living room.
That's not creative per se but a necessity.

I don't think I took any pictures yesterday either. It was just work and mother kinda day.

Today was essentially a repeat although Uly is finally feeling more like himself. But I had to run around and take him to an appointment and do the school run.

I did take a couple pictures today. I need to teach myself more about camera settings. But the experimenting is also teaching me.

I would like to do a montage of the different ways the living room has been arranged but I'm not sure i have pictures of all of them.

I also still want to post a montage of my hair cut experience.

I may end up using this space as a kind of to do list if I'm not careful. But sometimes thats an essential kind of reflection too.

I definitely want to get either my novel closer to complete this summer or a poetry chapbook published. I know what would be easier but I'm not sure what would be more satisfying. I am depending on the Follow The Buffalo workshop to implement some of the discipline I'm lacking.
Maybe they would want to do a farm retreat. Although they may not be around much in th summer.

sorry this is a boring post but I am working hard at doing it everyday.

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Nicole said...

I really like your picture today. I've always wanted to paint a room yellow. Your blog is pretty cool, I like your name the best!