Sunday, January 04, 2009

self image

I wanted to attempt to map the impressions I've had since somewhat radically changing my hair. Going from long and a naturally occurring color to short and artificial color combined with facial hair removal and/or waxing.

I've always KNOWN that first impressions are like an imprint. I also know that its difficult to go against the grain of how a society imprints certain impressions.

I'm no different than before the hair change excepting maybe a hair less self consciousness but I am definitely getting treated differently. Its a positive change. But it strikes me peculiar.

Its like being my own anthropology/sociology experiment. I just don't have a control group/clone.

I have real experiment to perform soon. I was in a tiny italian restaurant and I noticed that my waiter paid much closer attention to two other female customers. I don't know if our ages differed but I would say they were more coiffed. I was almost anti-coiffed ( is that a word?) SO now I will go back and see if the waiters' attention alters since I have joined the coiffed ranks.
I think it should be a good comparison. I was outgoing and conversational with him the first visit but I felt our interaction was just professional or perfunctory. With the pair of other girls he seemed sincerely engrossed in the conversation.

I also, uncharacteristically for me, arranged an appointment to try on vintage gowns for an upcoming special event I'm hosting. Was it the hair that gave me the confidence or the way the proprietor interacted with me differently becasue of the hair-Or both?

Even the waxed eyebrows make a change...I had very thick dark brooding eyebrows. Now I have "normal" feminine eyebrows though they feel slightly transvestite to me and a little on the permanently surprised scale. I AM able to apply eyeshadow better, or more specifically, there is more surface area FOr eyeshadow and I do like that.

The most consistent comment is that it makes me look younger. I would have thoguht long hair was youthful. I wonder if the waxed brow isn't some of the age removing?

I definitely!! feel like I need to sass up my wardrobe now!

I'll try to keep updates of interesting hair related occurences.....

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