Friday, January 09, 2009

Day 3 of creativity?

Well at first I didn't think i did anything creative. I was going to just use my daily photo. But then I realized I painted a rock with my daughter. My motivation was quality time for her and I see now it helped my personal challenge. woot.

Today was a little tough. Another day of Uly being a sick little guy and therefore my 2nd skin. I don't like feeling so helpless. But I just tried to spend time and make him happy that way. He's snuggling with his grandpa now watching Blues Clues.

I feel like my major goal is finding a system for getting poetry stuff done. The event planning and getting press out is such a huge task because I don't have a habitual system. I waste time looking for stuff always or crisis management. It will require a major information organization. And that thought overwhelms me. automatically. SO then I try to remember my word for the year. Instead of a resolution at New Year's, I took the suggestion of a Facebook friend and just picked a word to act as a kind of signpost throughout the year. I chose effortlessness. I thought that resonated with me. Thats ultimately what I would like undertakings to feel like, and daily chores to feel like-effortless. So, when I feel spastic or like my to do list is overwhelming I remember my word. So far, it does seem to be making a good impression on my psyche. I'll try to find the blurb about it and post it here for you.

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Babs said...

Effortlessness? Do you think I can do the same thing with "taller"?