Thursday, January 08, 2009

Day 2

Tough being creative today. Uly was awake most of the night throwing up. So today I dragged a bit and was his shadow.

While he napped a blissfully long nap, I got some overdue laundry folding done. I'm going to count the extra attention to "correct" folding as my creativity because usually I just fling into a drawer willy nilly. Today I tried to remember how my mother in law showed me to fold patiently. I got frustrated pretty quickly but I did try to stick with it. I even rollered off all the fuzz on pajamas rather than pretend it wasn't on there.

I think creativity can be defined as stretching a little, trying new things as well as "traditional" artistic pursuits. Maybe creativity and zen have attention in common. its important to pay attention.

I took a picture today too. Its an effort to pretend its spring. I have a hard time with dreary drizzly winter anyway and the blahs of winter with the sickies just makes me want spring. Summer even.

The in laws are here which is why this post is possible.

oh! AND I tried another crockpot recipe that turned out well. Pulled Barbecue Chicken. Here's the link:

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